College Lacrosse 2019 features full-field lacrosse gameplay, season mode with custom roster and schedule, upgradable stats for your team, recruit player packs, uniform unlocks, logo unlocks, and multi-year statistics.

Create your favorite lacrosse team, customize your players, & battle to win the National Championship! You are in charge - pick your roster to dominate at attack, train your goalie to be a brick wall, and create a defense full of beasts!

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  • Fixed an issue which caused players to slow down when approaching their target, now movement is much quicker

  • Added Dodge button and animation. Hit the dodge button early to juke around a defender. Hit it late and you’ll get caught by them

  • Modified player collision so players in the blocking state can screen out their man easier. This also applies to AI defenders on both teams

  • Add tap shoot to queue up during dodge

  • Increased sidestep speed from 80% to 90%

  • Fixed AI on both teams getting blocked too often while moving causing poor positioning

  • Fixed fast breaks feeling too static


  • Fixed bug causing movement arrows/stamina bar not to show up

  • Fixed bug in which goalie could run down field and not be played by AI

  • Fixed defense chasing goalie too far (attack men will run all the way down field)

  • Fixed tournament coin text

  • Fixed team name defaulting back in tournament

  • Fix debug handles causing errors on builds

  • Fix bug causing one handed full run to stop

  • Fixed bug allowing user to reset device to reroll card packs

  • Fixed visual bug with card pack effect

  • Fixed tournament teams not being pulled from the right index

  • Fixed bracket two teams out of order

  • Fixed tournament ordering to real bracket layout


  • Crouch walk foot animations cleaned up

  • Rapid standing crouching fixed

  • Fixed crab walking over to edge of field on out of bounds penalties

  • Fixed Crab Walk on stick check free

  • Fixed Crab Walk on Toggle in/Out range quickly

  • Fixed Block getting stuck while passing

  • Fixed bug where long stick passes could be made with the stick over the bounds edge causing turn over

  • Fixed where endfield defense get stuck in offensive split look and crab walk

  • Blended Walk and side step animations to animate much smoother



-Fixed recruiting cost text to properly display 1000 coins (Previously shown 100)

-Fixed bug which prevented custom opponent team names from saving

-Added Player team to the list of away team names, renamed Teams, and allows player to change team name

-Fixed Scrimmage UI bug which allowed you to start the match while paused which caused the game to crash

-Fixed coin animations both in match and in main menu


-Fixed issue at start of scrimmage where the ball got stuck when out of bounds

-Fixed players twitching at Face Off restraining line

-Poke Check bar change - Previously the bars success zone was placed randomly. Now it always is centered when the block button is held

-Fixed major issue with AI shooting which caused missed shots to still score 30% more than they should have

-Fixed issues where players would not be awarded coins when leaving a match from the quit button (Scrimmage + League)


-Added additional difficulties on both low and high end for AI teams

-Reworked the distribution of AI difficulties. Early on should be much easier now and the top tier teams should be much harder

-Coins per action increased from 1 to 5


-Too many players respawning in scrimmage fixed