400+ Strong!

Welcome to all the new backers! 

We are now 422 strong! 

The reason this campaign and game will succeed is because of the work we put in everyday!

Execute today's plan - Tell 3 people, send 5 emails, remind them its all or nothing, and post 4 comments on KS! 

We are currently at $27,952... 

When we break $28,000, everyone post a comment on Kickstarterand share on social media!

That will push us to today's goal of $29,190!

Great job so far... Keep working hard and the effort will pay off!

I have a call in 10 minutes with ESPNU, talked with Dave Gross at the MLL, and just got off the phone with Booker Coorigan! Things are looking good but we can't let up!

Talk to you soon!


PS: Here is a little more motivation: This is the gameplay from Rugby League LIVE 2. Big Ant's last game: