New Pledge Levels + 600 Backers!

Hey L14 Backers!

Congrats! We are now 600 strong! That is a huge accomplishment! Awesome job! 

Three quick updates:

1. Do you know any club teams I can contact?  I've significantly lowered the cost of the custom teams... I've also added new pledge levels for siblings.... Comment on what you think!

2. Please message me your mailing address. I printed out 1,500 promotional cards and need help passing them out to potential backers.

3. Text three friends tonight. Ask if they've heard about the Kickstarter! Even if they don't pledge tonight, you planted an egg in their head for when crunch time comes!

We will be successful! The lacrosse gods are on our side!

Talk to you soon,


PS: Keep commenting/liking on Kickstarter and Social Media! We only have 23 more days! The time is going to fly! This is when it's the most difficult. Keep working and believe we will make our goal!