Update + College Lacrosse 2014

Hey Backers,

I wanted to quickly check in and update you on the progress of Lacrosse 15! While ramping up the development of the game, we have been working on the Player Creator that you'll use to design your custom players and teams. The plan is to release the Player Creator early 2015 on Steam to enable you to start building your characters which will be implemented automatically into the game.  I think you're going to be happy with how it turns out!

Also, if you haven't filled out your Backerkit survey, please head over to http://laxvideogame.backerkit.com and input your email. You'll be automatically prompted to fill out your survey.

Lastly, I wanted to let you know that College Lacrosse 2014 is coming soon to iOS and Android! This game has nothing to do with Lacrosse 15 but should be a good way to have some fun until we are finished :)