Lacrosse 16 Dodging and Checks

Hey Test Team!

We're happy to announce that the Lacrosse Academy for Lacrosse 16 has been updated, so you can start testing the dodging, stick checks, and body checks in the new Sandox! Please remember that everything is still a work in progress, which is why we need your feedback! 

Just to make one thing clear... if you backed on Indiegogo then you're already on the Test Team. 

Also, please make sure to check the Controls attached below before playing :)

Directions to get involved:

1) Update your Lacrosse Academy for Steam on Windows (minimum specs)

2) Connect your Xbox/PlayStation controller (directions)

3) Sign up for the Big Ant Forums (link)

4) Introduce yourself then give feedback to help make an awesome lacrosse video game

*If you're not part of the Test Team. Sign up now before it's too late!