30k Raised!

It's official, $30,277 has been raised for the development of Lacrosse 14!  Great work!

That is a HUGE accomplishment... but let's not pat ourselves on the back too much...

Take a look at this chart:


Lacrosse 14 is trending to $199,828... That is $10,000 less than our goal!

If we don't reach our goal, everyone gets their money back and we can't make Lacrosse 14! Its all or nothing! This is Spartaaaa!

Today and this weekend are vital to the success of our campaign! Tell every player/coach/parent/gamer/human you know! We are trying and going to take lacrosse worldwide through video games!

I'll be posting today's goal here shortly. Its going to be big challenge, so get your mind right now ;)

Talk to you soon!