Today's Challenge: Raise 17.6% - ($36.9k)

Here we go! This is going to be really tough but let's dominate this challenge!

Today's goal is to raise 17.6% of the campaign for a total of $36,960! (Current: $30,532)

That means we need 95.9 new backers to pledge to Lacrosse 14. 

Plan of Action

1. Print this flyer out 10 times and pass it around school/work/lacrosse (#1 priority!!!)

2. Post on 5 Facebook walls about Lacrosse 14. Include a link to - 

3. Comment and like 3 times on Kickstarter! (We are #3 !!! ) 

4. Like, comment, share the College Lacrosse Facebook posts. The more activity Facebook sees, the more they promote that post.

We are behind so let's work harder than ever before!