500+ Backers

Lacrosse 14 Team,

Great work guys! We are now 513 strong and have raised $34,752 for Lacrosse 14!

I would like to welcome the new backers to the Lacrosse 14 team! Your financial support and passion for the game will make this project a reality! Please remember to tell everyone you know about the Kickstarter campaign! 

The truth is, 95% of the lax community has heard about Lacrosse 14 and hasn't watched the Kickstarter video! Don't assume people already know! The majority don't!

Today's plan of action:

1. Call/text/message three friends and ask if they have heard about the new lacrosse video game on Kickstarter.

2. When done, comment on the Kickstarter and update everyone on what they said.

This way we can get a sense of how far our reach is and what we need to do keep spreading the word. 

As I have been saying, you 513 amazing individuals drive this campaign and game. If everyone contributes, we will reach our goal and be able to make this incredible lacrosse video game!

With a little bit of effort comes a whole lot of reward! Keep working together to spread our message! The work will pay off! Believe!

27 days : 8 hours

Talk to you soon,