State of the Union #1

Team Lacrosse 14,

Since a lot of you are asking about sponsors, here's a quick update on the progress I have made in the lacrosse industry this week:

  • ESPNU - Spoke with a representative who saw Lacrosse 14 on Polygon. He was very excited about the project and mentioned they would be watching the campaign closely.
  • MLL - Talked with the commissioner of the Major League Lacrosse who also expressed great interest in the project and said they would be watching the Kickstarter to see how things progress.
  • Booker Coorigan - Jumped on a call with Booker to discuss lacrosse and the game. He loves the idea and is all about supporting the project.
  • Salt Shakerz - Talked with the club team Salt Shakerz about getting them featured in the game.
  • Inside Lacrosse - Talked with the founder of Inside Lacrosse who seemed intrigued by the project and wants to hear more.
  • Cascade/Maverik - Spoke with a representative of Cascade who loves the idea and is a huge fan of College Lacrosse 2012!
  • LXM - Have a call scheduled with them next week.

Who am I missing? 

Continue to be respectful in promoting our campaign. You guys rock!