Yes! 200 Backers

Hey guys!

I'd like to personally welcome the newest group of backers to the Lacrosse 14 Team! We are now officially 200+ strong and have raised over $15,000 for Lacrosse 14! That is an amazing accomplishment! Great work!

Thank you all again for believing in Lacrosse 14!

Talk to you tomorrow!


Things you can do to help even more: 

1. Comment on the Kickstarter page! The more comments we post, the more publicity we receive from the "most popular" section on the Kickstarter homepage... (Even if you say something as simple as, "Yay 200 backers" )

2. Explain to people that they can be featured in the game... This is a concept people often don't understand but once they get the idea, they want to be involved!

3. Teach friends and family about Kickstarter. People are still learning about the concept of crowdfunding and need educated before they will feel comfortable pledging.