Today's Goal: Reach 11%

Hey guys!

Today's goal is to reach 11% of our Kickstarter campaign

That will get our total up to $23,100!

Which is an additional $5,985 or around 85 new backers!

Remember, the total campaign goal is $210,000

But to unlock all the awesome modes, we are going to exceed that!

Here is the plan:

1. In person, tell someone about Lacrosse 14!

2. Post on your social media once today and include

3. Comment on the Kickstarter page 3 times throughout the course of the day!

Things to remember:

1. All money raised on Kickstarter goes directly into building Lacrosse 14. 

2. If we don't reach the campaign goal then we can't build Lacrosse 14 and everyone gets their money back.

3. You are amazing!

Here is a cool chart and site where you can Kicktraq Lacrosse 14!